It's a Small World After All!

This T-Shirt design is for the Threadless Disney It's a Small World Challenge. I was inspired by the fa├žade of the It's a Small World ride and included the Hawaiian, Mexican and Japanese dancers. The water at the bottom is a little connection to the ride.

Link to my entry on Threadless: It's a small world after all! | Disney It's a Small World | Threadless Atrium

Haida Salmon

This illustration is for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2012. The theme of the competition is 'Tales of Magical Objects' and the brief was to create an illustration based on objects in the Amulets and Charms collection at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

My entry was inspired by the Haida Salmon. It is a painted wooden carving of a salmon which was used by the Haida people in ceremonies when salmon was scarce in the rivers. The Haida people are from Haida Gwaii, an archipelago off the coast of British Colombia, Canada. I have included a Haida chief in traditional dress, and some Haida style art details.

Gender Equality Now!

This is for the 'Poster For Tomorrow 2012' competition promoting Gender Equality. The quote was adapted from statistics published by UNICEF.

Recycle Week Poster

This is a poster promoting 'Recycle Week' which is organised by Recycle Now and takes place between 18-24 June 2012. The poster provides a visual reminder of what people can recycle at home in wheelie bins during Recycle Week.

iPad App Illustrations

These are illustrations for a music themed iPad app.

Editorial Illustrations

These are editorial images for articles. The first is for an article called 'Surgical ‘light saber’ developed in Austin, Texas'. The second is for an article called 'How to Find a Meteorite in 5 Steps'.

'Secret London' Poster

This poster was for the 2012 Serco Prize for Illustration. The theme of the competition was ‘Secret London’. I based my image on the Kyoto Garden, a small Japanese garden in Holland Park, London. It is a beautiful little garden hidden in the middle of Holland Park so I think it fits well with the theme of 'Secret London'.

'Grimm's Fairy Tales' Book Cover

'Grimm's Fairy Tales' book cover for the Penguin Design Award 2012.

'What is the Internet?' Book Project

The idea behind this project was a picture book teaching children about internet. These are sample pages to show how the final book would look.